Headaches are horrible, physical therapy can offer relief

Headaches are horrible, physical therapy can offer relief

May 15, 2020

It’s impossible to have a good day when it’s a headache day. We get it.

Dr. Myriah has specialized training in treating cervicogenic, migraine, and tension headaches through manual physical therapy. Analyzing the nerves, muscles, discs, ribs, posture, and pain patterns to find restrictions and trigger points allows for targeted and specialized treatments. Using hands-on, gentle manipulations of the structures of the head, neck, face, and body we will provide mechanical relief from the pain you’ve been trying to get rid of for years.

Finding immediate and long term relief can feel impossible at times. We’ve worked with headache sufferers for years and genuinely love this unique group of clients. You are warriors who secretly walk through life carrying intense pain through work meetings, long days parenting, and pretending to be “fine” when your friends birthday falls on a headache day. You know all the painkillers and you have found the corner of your office building where you can hide for 10 minutes with the lights off.

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