Our Approach

About Good Life Physical Therapy

Most patients arrive to physical therapy because something is going wrong.  They are injured or in pain or unable to do something they used to be able to do with ease.  Our work at Good Life is to help you find and make more prominent and more possible the good feelings and good times.

The connection of our mental and emotional wellbeing to the health and comfort of our bodies is impossible to ignore – especially when you find yourself in pain.  At Good Life Physical Therapy we know that the work of caring for our physical selves can and will improve our overall quality of life.

The goal of each session is to improve your comfort.  The goal of your entire treatment with us is to make sure you have a good life for years to come.  If you come to physical therapy for a quick tune up or as an ongoing part of your self care, we are here for you.

For some patients learning how to run with a more involved core can relieve back pain and allow years more time on trails and tracks.  Perhaps you’ve lost the joy you once had in your work because you have back, wrist, or head pain when you’re at your desk; fixing alignment issues and learning techniques to sit and work better and longer could bring positivity back to your profession.  For some patients careful and thorough reviews of options when considering joint replacement surgery and preparing for the best recovery possible if surgery is the chosen option are the key to their good life.  Maybe establishing a daily stretching routine that fits with your schedule and in your home will help decrease the number of headaches you have over the course of your days.

Every physical therapy office can address acute injury – and we do that, too.  Not every physical therapy office is dedicated to your well being for years to come in every aspect of your life.

Meet Our Team

Karen Skolnik

PT, MPT, Cert. MDT
Physical Therapist

Dr. Pamela Kokoros

Physical Therapist

Dr. Myriah C. Pahl

Physical Therapist & Owner