Good Life Physical Therapy Testimonials

Dr. Myriah’s excellence lies not just in her knowledge but her patience and understanding in answering ALL questions. Can’t say enough about her quality of care. I only wish I knew about her sooner. If you are in need of physical therapy treatment, I definitely recommend seeing Dr. Myriah!

Stephanie D.

Myriah is very professional, knowledgeable and has magic hands, I felt like a new person after my visit. I look forward to my next appointment. The office is very clean/beautiful. If you are in need of physical therapy treatment I definitely recommend this office and their providers. Wonderful overall.

Erika R.

When I made my first appointment with Myriah I was in pain and about to cancel a trip I had been looking forward to for a while. She identified the problem right away and put me back on my feet in two sessions. The personalised program she designed for me (exercises and massages) helped me avoid other injuries and keep a better balance in my body, often under strain from a stressful professional life and intense workouts. Myriah is not only a very talented and conscientious professional, but also a very caring person, who truly listens to her patients.


Myriah is a knowledgeable, compassionate, joyful physical therapist. From the interesting exercises she had me do on the facility’s equipment to the stretching and massage she gave me, not only does my long-standing back pain continue to improve but I feel overall stronger and in more alignment.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Myriah for about a year now and couldn’t recommend her more highly. Prior to seeing her, I’d gone about 3 years with frequent debilitating migraines with minimal relief from medication. After my neurologist suggested physical therapy, I decided to give it a go. Thank goodness I did. I’ve gone from having headaches every single day to once a week – if that – now. I love the holistic approach her office takes: treating the whole person in order to find long-term resolutions, as opposed to only treating the symptoms. Anyone seeking a physical therapist should absolutely consider seeing Dr. Myriah.

Regina Y.

Superb! Excellent care. The range of motion in my foot (that had been seriously compromised from a fracture last year) was incredible – even better than the non injured foot! Super pleased and looking forward to future sessions.

Brian R.

Dr. Myriah has helped me recover through two sports injuries. Injury 1) a painful foot injury that left me with a limp and next to no range of motion in my big toe. Dr. Pahl clocked at least 50 hours task mastering me through exercises and breaking up scar tissue in my big toe. After a few weeks the limp was gone, after about a year I was able to move my toe through a full range of motion. Injury 2) after a month-long backpacking trip my body was a mess: excruciating hip pain, knee pain, and foot pain. It was depressing, I could not hike more than a few miles without wanting to cry, and I was worried my backpacking days were over. Dr. Pahl (a backpacker as well!!!!) was able to identify the issues and get me on a strengthening routine that has resulted in PAIN FREE hiking. As an adult athlete she is the closest thing to a coach that I have, she takes time to help me understand the root of my injuries in order to prevent future injury. With her assistance my adventures are less painful and I’m able to enjoy The Good Life a little bit more thanks to her. I highly recommend working with her.

Michael M.

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Russell Viggiano

I was working in NY and needed some medical attention. A friend recommended  Good life physical Therapy.  The Dr called me immediately knowing that I needed some help.Dr. Myriah C. Pahl PT DPT  Was so helpful in controlling my back pain. After a few treatments you see how dedicated she is to her craft and to get people back to health. I Highly recommend good life physical therapy and Dr. Myriah C. Pahl.

Jennie Romer

Dr. Pahl is the physical therapist that I have needed for decades. I have had issues with my knees since I was a teenager and I have seen a variety of PTs, but I never quite found the right one. Dr. Pahl incorporates yoga into her practice and individually tailors her treatments. If you need PT, I highly recommend that you book an appointment right away!