Active Release Technique In Tarrytown

Active Release Technique (ART) is a type of manual therapy used in physical therapy to treat a wide range of conditions, including muscle and soft tissue pain and injuries. It involves the therapist applying pressure and controlled movement to specific muscles and soft tissue with the goal of releasing tension, improving range of motion, and reducing pain.

Benefits of Active Release Technique in Tarrytown

Reduces pain: Active Release Technique is effective in reducing pain in the affected area by releasing tension and restoring proper movement in the muscle and surrounding soft tissue.

Improves range of motion: Active Release Technique can improve flexibility and range of motion by breaking down scar tissue and restoring normal muscle function.

Increases athletic performance: Active Release Technique can help improve athletic performance by reducing pain and restoring proper movement patterns in the affected area.

Speeds up injury recovery: Active Release Technique can help speed up the recovery process by addressing the root cause of the pain or injury, reducing inflammation, and restoring proper movement patterns.

Prevents future injuries: Active Release Technique can help prevent future injuries by correcting underlying movement patterns and reducing risk of re-injury.

Active Release Technique is commonly used to treat conditions such as repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, shin splints, and back pain. The therapist will assess the affected area and use their hands to apply pressure and movement to specific points. The pressure and movement is gentle and controlled, with the goal of breaking down scar tissue and restoring proper movement patterns.

Active Release Technique is considered a safe and effective treatment option for many conditions, with few known side effects. It is important to work with a qualified and experienced therapist to ensure proper technique and prevent further injury.

What to Expect During an Active Release Technique Session in Tarrytown

Active Release Technique therapy aims to remove scar tissue and restore movement, resilience and function to soft tissue. It also improves circulation and reduces or eliminates pain and stiffness.

Our physical therapists have been trained to provide Active Release Technique and are also experts in treating soft tissue injuries. Your physical therapy team will assess your needs and create a treatment plan that suits your specific situation.

Your Active Release Technique Sessions

To maximize the effectiveness of your treatments, it’s important to provide your therapist with detailed information about your symptoms. You can prepare for your sessions by taking notes on what worsens or relieves your pain before your first visit.

During the initial appointment, the therapist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation, including a physical exam and functional assessment. Please dress comfortably as you’ll be asked to move certain body parts. Your medical history, exam results, and feedback from you and your physical therapist will be used to create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and provide feedback throughout your visits.

In every ART session, your therapist will assess the texture, tightness, and movement of your soft tissues to determine the target areas for treatment. After that, they will perform the therapy, respond to your inquiries, and keep track of your progress.

How Does Active Release Technique Work in Tarrytown?

Your physical therapist uses their hands to pinpoint the target area for treatment and applies pressure as you move the body part, or they move it for you. They apply a blend of tension and movement, positioning the body part to shorten the muscle and then lengthen it until a release is felt.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

Improved symptoms may be noticed after the first session of Active Release Technique, but the number of visits needed for full benefits varies based on the severity of the condition. Patients who actively participate in their treatment plan by following their physical therapist’s recommended home exercises tend to feel better faster and decrease the risk of symptoms reoccurring.

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Active Release Technique is a manual therapy technique used in physical therapy to treat a variety of conditions. By reducing pain, improving range of motion, and restoring proper movement patterns, Active Release Technique can help speed up injury recovery, improve athletic performance, and prevent future injuries.

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